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April 2012

  • System Development
  • Default Clauses
  • NZECO Credit Insurance assists exporter access trade finance and mitigate credit risk
  • China slowdown inevitable and necessary
  • Seaweed exports seen as having great potential for rural Pacific islanders

December 2011

  • New Look for Prodoc Application
  • Indonesia Confirms AANZFTA Go Live Date
  • Farewell Gerhard
  • Japan Seeks to Join Trains-Pacific Partnership Negotiation
  • Vietnam - Growth & Growing Pains

July 2011

  • What's Your Opinion
  • Download Data to Excel

May 2011

  • New Website Integration Module
  • Monthly Payment of Annual Maintenance Fees
  • Upgraded Service for Remote Customers
  • Disaster Recovery Service
  • Changes to MAF excerpts
  • User Tips Online
  • Prod Buyers Group

Mar 2011

  • Be Informed
  • Changes to MAF excerpts
  • New National Bank & ANZ Forms
  • Want to buy direct?
  • User Tips Online
  • Updates
  • User Tip: Custom emails
  • User Tip: Importing multi-part LCs & LC amendments
  • Server Outage

September 2010

  • Handling GST Changes
  • Export Opportunities
  • Keeping Up-to-Date
  • Expanded Support Offering
  • User Tip: Prodoc Status Icons
  • User Tip: Sending Shipment Details
  • User Tip: Using Text Boxes on a Form 

June 2010

  • Handy Hints: Using the "Yellow Pencil"
  • GST Changes Within Prod
  • Hong Kong trade Agreement Signed
  • Shipping Unavailability
  • Free NZ Business Assessment Tool
  • Adding Flavour with Dominion Salt
  • China Customs Resolves FTA Issues

March 2010

  • What to do if Prodoc doesn't print
  • Increasing Productivity
  • AANZ FTA - an Overview
  • Capitalising on the ASEAN opportunity
  • New Report "Who Are My Customers"
  • Prodoc Training Courses

November 2009

  • Prodoc on TVNZ's NZI Business
  • Good Backup
  • Online Training Video
  • User Tips
  • Welcome Andy
  • Foreign Exchange Commentary
  • Trade Agreement with Hong Kong

September 2009

  • Tips from Support
  • China Free Trade Certs
  • Forecasting Foreign Exchange
  • Scottie's on the move again
  • New Functions and Upgrades 
  • Tracking Container Movements 
  • Opening Doors to Trade with Germany
  • Buying and Selling Foreign Exchange
  • How to Cope With the Volatile Kiwi Dollar 

May 2009

  • What you said 
  • Support provided free of charge
  • Who pays when it’s not working?
  • We’re simplifying development costs too
  • Welcome back Scottie
  • Updated website


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