Using Text Boxes on a Form

Occasionally you may wish to add some text to a form where there would normally just be blank space.  You can do this in the form preview using a text box.

Firstly, you will need to preview the form you want the additional text on:


You’ll see the ‘T’ button at the top of the form – click and drag this onto the page to make a text box:


You can then type in your text using the box you have just added.
You can click in the corners of the box to adjust its size and position:
To change the appearance of the text, firstly highlight the text you want to change and then right-click on it:


Use the ‘Font’ option if you want to change the font type or size:



When printed, the box itself is hidden, only the text shows:



Important Notes

The text box will only be shown on the form it was added on.

Your text boxes will be copied if you copy a shipment.

If you find yourself constantly adding text boxes, contact Prodoc Support as we may be able to permanently add something to the form.