The Yellow Pencil Tool

Though we strive to take the hassle out of producing documents by reusing the same information across all your documents sometimes you’ll have to change something for just one form.

To aid with this, we’ve taken some of the most common changes and incorporated them into Prodoc’s yellow pencil button.
We’ll use a Commercial Invoice for this example. 
Below is our unchanged invoice:
In this example, we want to change the address to our physical address, and change our main product description, but only for this one form.  All the others should show the details shown above.
We start by entering the Yellow Pencil from the main shipment screen, as shown below:
The yellow pencil box pops up.  There are three tabs within this box, and for the purposes of this tutorial we’ll concentrate on the ‘Addresses’ and ‘Main Description, Marks’ tabs.
You can change some or all of the details available from within the Yellow Pencil.  In this case we are changing the address to our physical rather than PO Box details:
You may also need to change details in more than one tab. Just select the next tab and again change any details that need to be different for this form.
Below you can see the Main Product is the same as that shown on the original form.
We’re going to change this for the Commercial Invoice:
Now let’s take a look at how the changes affect the form:
You can even use the Yellow Pencil to make two different versions of the same form.  For example, suppose we have to produce another copy of the Commercial Invoice with a different description of the product.
Open the Yellow Pencil for the second form, change the Main Product and check the box at the bottom marked:
‘Use these details only on this copy of this form.
Other copies may have different details’
Then click ‘Ok’ and preview the second form.
You can use this to create several variations on the same form.

Lastly, just a note on the ‘Special Instructions’ tab.  This tab is context sensitive and will allow you to replace certain text boxes from the form.  As this varies from form to form, please contact us for further information if you think you see a need for this in your system and we can discuss whether a specific form is set up in the way you would need.