User Tip: Importing Multi-part LC or Amendments

On occasion you may be provided with a Letter of Credit in multiple parts, or receive an amendment to an existing Letter of Credit.

In the case where you’ve been provided with a Letter of Credit in multiple parts, start by importing the first part as normal, and then click ‘Ok’ to save.  Then double click the Letter of Credit to edit, and once again click ‘Import’.
As usual, you’ll need to choose the appropriate bank, but as you’ve already done the initial import you do not need to choose the Customer again.  Just find and choose the next part of the Letter of Credit, and then if more parts are present press ‘Import’ again and choose the next (you do not need to save between each part with the exception of the first part).  In the above example the first part of the Letter of Credit did not contain the main description or compliance notes.  After importing the remaining parts of the Letter of Credit these are complete, without removing any of the original content.
You’ll find all of the imported text from the various files under the ‘Financial, Ports’ tab.
If you are importing an amendment, again you should first have imported the original and saved.  Open up the saved Letter of Credit and click ‘Import’, choosing the correct bank and selecting the amendment file to import.  Importing an amendment automatically replaces information from the original where possible (automatic import is only possible where the amendment contains the data with the same codes as the original file).  You will also find a list of Amendment Notes in the ‘Document Instructions’ tab, which serve as a reference for you to manually amend any remaining sections (e.g. changes to terms or clauses that cannot be made automatically).
You will find the full text from your original import as well as any amendments in the ‘Financial, Ports’ tab.