User Tip: External Data Download

We’ve added  a single screen to deal with downloading data from various external sources in the latest version of Prodoc. You need to be on version 1.7.22 or newer to access this screen.

You’ll find it in the Tools menu.  (If you cannot see the new option you will need to get an admin to allow access through the Administration Module.)


From here you can download the latest Customs Exchange Rates, Customs Vessel Names* and MAF Species for Phytosanitary certificates.

Just tick the ones you want to download, and click "Process" at the bottom of the screen.  Each will run through and confirm when complete.

Note that Prodoc may appear unresponsive when updating the information as there may be thousands of records to update; just be patient.

*Downloading this list will make the list of vessels stored in Prodoc very long when using the dropdown box to select them.