Document Profiles

New in Prodoc 1.6.635 and upwards

A Document Profile allows you to easily add a group of documents to a Shipment without having to find and add them all individually. It is not a full substitute for setting up Forms per Exporter/Customer/etc but helps to speed up adding Forms where you find you regularly need to add more than one.
Note: Document Profiles are stored for everyone, not per user, so if you add one, your colleagues will also be able to see and use it.
Document Profiles can be created and selected from the ‘Add Forms’ box in a Shipment:
The standard Add Forms box has a tree of documents you can add to your Shipment. You can stretch the Add Forms box out so you can see more documents if needed.
You can use the ‘Expand all’ button to open up all branches of the document tree as shown:
If you want to create a new Document Profile, first tick all the Forms you wish to add to it. Then type a name for the new Profile in the box at the bottom as shown (I’ve chosen to add the Invoices to a Profile called ‘Invoices’). Click ‘Save profile & Add forms’ and the Forms will be added to your Shipment, with the Document Profile stored for later use.
In the next Shipment you need to use the same forms, just drop down the ‘Document Profile’ box and choose your saved Profile. Then click ‘Add Forms’ as normal.
If you no longer require a Document Profile, just select it from the box and click ‘Delete’.