Custom Emails

New in Prodoc 1.6.635 and upwards

You can now edit your own custom e-mail messages to replace the default Prodoc message when sending files directly from Prodoc. This adds a new level of customization and flexibility in how you send documents from Prodoc.

Setting up a new e-mail template

In order to set up an e-mail template you will need to have access to the Administration Module in Prodoc. Go to Lists -> Default Email Messages.

This will show any e-mail messages you have set up, and the list will be empty when you first use the screen. Click ‘New’ to add a message or highlight an existing one and click ‘Edit’ to change it.
When you open a new message the screen should look like this. The ‘Description’ is used to identify the message both when choosing a message to edit, and when choosing a message to use in a Shipment. It does not appear on the e-mail itself.
The ‘Email Subject’ and ‘Email Message’ boxes are used to generate the actual e-mail message when sent.
On the right of the screen is the ‘Available Fields’ tree.
Here the left image shows the tree fully contracted tree, and on the right I have expanded ‘Shipment’ and then ‘Exporter’. In theory all of the fields in this tree can be used in your e-mail. In practice, you should avoid using any field that would have more than one value (e.g. Container Number for multiple container Shipments) as the e-mail module has not been designed with this in mind.
To create a standard e-mail, you can use a combination of typed text and fields, which will be turned into text when the e-mail is sent. So typing in the ‘Email Subject’ box “Documents for [Shipment Number] on [Vessel]” will become (for example) “Documents for SO1234 on Maersk Jenaz” when the e-mail is sent. This allows you to create documents that are flexible and will work with any Shipment.
You can either type in the field name enclosed in square brackets, or drag from the ‘Available Fields’ tree as indicated (see iv. Useful Fields below for frequently used fields). You do not have to use any fields but these will generally help the recipient to identify the Shipment. Once you’re happy with your message, click ‘OK’ at the bottom right and try your new message out.

Choosing and sending a custom e-mail

Once you have set up some custom e-mails you’ll need to select them when sending e-mails from Prodoc. You do this from within a Shipment, starting at the main Shipment screen.
In this case we’re going to send the ‘Documentary Collection Form’ by e-mail.
When you choose the ‘Email’ button you will notice a drop-down arrow appear in the ‘Email Type’ column. When you click to drop down the box you can choose between the default messages you have created.
Once you pick the default message, you need to enter an e-mail address in the ‘Detail’ column as shown above. You can then Queue Documents as normal. If this is the first time you have chosen a custom message Prodoc will offer to make this the default for your chosen form in future.
The image below shows how the e-mail in this example was received:

Tweaking a custom e-mail per Shipment

If you want to make a minor alteration to one of your standard e-mails for one Shipment you can easily do this. Go to the ‘Other Documents’ Smiley, and you’ll see a tab called ‘Emails’ at the top of the screen. When you choose this it will show all the messages that are set-up for this Shipment.
Note: you may see less tabs here than forms you have chosen to e-mail as Prodoc combines forms using the same message into one e-mail with multiple attachments.
When you pick a tab for the e-mail you want to change, it will show the forms that will be attached, and gives you boxes to enter the Subject and Message. You can simply type whatever you want in here, or click ‘Default’ at the top right which will load the default message you chose for this e-mail:
Unlike when creating a default message, you will notice that the actual Shipment details are shown here. This is the message as it will be sent, and you can simply add, remove or change anything written in the Subject or Message to alter what gets sent when you Queue Documents. If you write something in here is will overwrite the chosen default message.

Useful fields

Below is a list of fields you may wish to add to the ‘Email Subject’ and ‘Email Message’ boxes when creating a new Default Message. You can either drag these over from the Available Fields list or simply type them in. Once you get used to using the Available Fields tree you should be able to find other information you require.
Note: you should avoid using fields that have more than one value (e.g. Container Number for multiple container Shipments)


Field Name(s)
Tree location
When sent this becomes…
[Document Details]
a list of all documents attached to the e-mail
[Exporters Name]
the name of the Exporter assigned to the Shipment
[Exporters Address1]
(also 2-4)
the address of the Exporter assigned to the Shipment
[Shipment Number]
+Shipment Detail
the Shipment Number
[Main Description]
+Shipment Detail
main description taken from ‘Main Product’ in the Product Summary
[Document Date]
+Shipment Detail
the document date as shown in the Common Smiley
[Vessel] / [Voyage]
+Vessel, Ports
the Vessel and Voyage respectively
[Signee Name]
name of the signee shown in Financial Terms
[Signee …]
Title, Phone, etc
various other details relating to the signee (signature not available)
[Customer Name]
name of the Customer for the Shipment
[LC No] / [LC Date]
LC number and date for the Shipment