User Tip: Attaching External Documents to Your Prodoc Shipment.

Here is a quick method to allow you to “Attach” external documents like Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PDF files, etc to a shipment in Prodoc.

This gives you the ability to access various external files associated with your shipment from within Prodoc. It also keeps all your external files linked in the shipment, much like a virtual Shipping Folder.
Should you have the Prodoc Email facility and can email documents already from Prodoc, you can even email these externally linked documents straight from Prodoc as you would email normal Prodoc forms.

Steps to add an External Document to a Shipment:

Open your Shipment in Prodoc and click on the Attach File button


Select the file you want to attach
Note: Use files that are stored on your local network rather than your own computer. If you use files stored on your computer other Prodoc users will not be able to see them.

You can click on the binoculars to preview the document, or use the email functionality (Select Email and click on Queue Documents). You cannot select the Print option.

To remove the Attached Document, delete as you would a Prodoc Form – This does not delete the attached document, just the link between Prodoc and the attached document.