Training Options

Training Videos

For DIY training there are a series of videos on YouTube covering the commonest training requests.

Prodoc Demonstration (Part1 & Part 2)
A quick overview of how the key abilities of Prodoc  and how it functions

Getting Started (Part1 & Part 2)
This video takes you through step by step what to do when opening and using Prodoc for the first time.

Tarriff Codes
This explains how New Zealand Tariff Codes work in Prodoc

Prodoc Information Tree 
An explanation and overview of the Information Tree functions in Prodoc

NZ Customs EDI 
The functionality of NZ Customs EDIs in Prodoc

Letters of Credit
How to import and use letters of credit within Prodoc


One on One Training Sessions

Prodoc Customer Support staff are always availalbe to conduct training sessions at your premises as and when required

Training Modules

To optimise your investment in Prodoc we have created a suite of customised training courses.

To make them easy to fit into your busy schedules each course runs for half a day only and can be undertaken at your site or here, in the Prodoc offices.
The courses are tailored to match the requirements of your organisation, and skill level of participants. Plus we have set low maximum attendees (4) to ensure you get the individual attention and direction you’re after.
Courses will be scheduled as and when required by you – so if any of the courses are of interest to you drop us a line at and we will schedule dates to meet your availability.
Suited for
Course covers
Prodoc Introduction
Users that have no or little experience with a Prodoc system
-       Introduction to Prodoc
-       Creating List Items
-       Creating Manual Shipments
-       Change Printers
-       Send EDI’s
Advance Users
Users that are comfortable with the basic operation of Prodoc and are seeking to increase their speed and knowledge
-       Importing Letters of Credit
-       Attaching external Documents to a Prodoc shipment
-       Running Prodoc Reports
-       Basic troubleshooting
-       Changing Prodoc to suit your work style
Developers: Build your own forms
Advanced Users / Administrators can create their own customized Prodoc forms
-       Prodoc Template development
-       Prodoc Forms Development
-       Prodoc EDI Development (Basic)
-       Basic SQL code
-       Basic VBA code
Developers: Create crystal reports
Advanced Users / Administrators can create customized Crystal Reports that can be used in Prodoc
-       Introduction to Crystal from a Prodoc view
-       Data Connection Creation
-       Basic Report development
-       Basic Report Code
-       Basic SQL Code
Manage Prodoc in an Enterprise Environment
-       Manage Prodoc Users
-       Manage Prodoc Server Components
-       Advanced Troubleshooting
-       Manage Enterprise Deployment
-       Manage and troubleshoot Electronic Communication



# of attendees (max 4)
Cost per attendee*


* Excludes GST and any travelling costs for onsite courses

For more information on any of the courses please contact Support