Prodoc Software Update Downloads

Did you know a new version of Prodoc is released frequently, sometimes even weekly?

From feature additions, to stability improvements and fixes these updates are designed to give you the best Prodoc experience and as they are covered by your annual maintenance charge there is nothing extra to pay should you decide to install the update yourself.
NOTE: Prodoc updates should only be installed by network administrators and require all users to be out of Prodoc for the duration.  Prodoc Support will assist with any questions regarding the update process, before or during.  You may also choose to have a member of Prodoc Support perform the server update remotely or onsite.

Click here for full instructions on how to undertake a software update.

Or click on the appropriate link to begin downloading. Do not download and install these files unless instructed by Prodoc Support Staff.


Unscheduled downloads will cause your existing system to fail.


File Size Description
Prodoc Update 14mb

This is required for all Prodoc Updates.
This file contains all the updated controls for Prodoc


Prodoc II Update 460k

This is required for all Prodoc Updates.
This file (must be run from Prodoc Logo Location > Update) will update the Prodoc Database to the latest version as well as install ProdocUpdate.exe (Run ProdocIIUpdate.exe for the Prodoc Update to start.)


Prodoc Update Instructions   850k This is a PDF version of the Prodoc Update Instructions.