Prodoc Update Instructions (v072009a)

These are the instructions to follow to update Prodoc to the latest version. Please note that there are different update instructions for:

Make sure that you understand the differences before starting the update process and that you use the instructions appropriate to your installation. If you are in doubt then do not start the process until you are sure of your installation type.

If your software is version 1.6.220 (or less) then please contact support to undertake your update as the automatic updates will not work correctly

Check this by going Help > About in Prodoc Operations 



Prodoc Server

This is a pc or server that runs the Prodoc Server (ProdocServer.exe) and Print Queue Manager (Dequeue.exe) applications.

Prodoc Client

This can be either a local installed version of Prodoc on a user’s PC or a Citrix/Terminal Server that hosts Prodoc (PDOperations.exe)

Logo Location

The Logo Location is a shared repository that is accessed by all the Prodoc Users including the Prodoc Server. All the logo’s and signatures for documents, and the Prodoc Update Files are stored in here. To find the Logo Location, click on Help > About in Prodoc.


Wherever you see “PDI-S-002” in the screenshots – it will reflect YOUR SQL Server Name
Wherever you see “c:\prodoc\” in the screenshots – it will reflect YOUR Logo Location

Preparation prior to update

a)   Schedule a Prodoc outage for about 1 hour.
b)   Ensure everyone has closed Prodoc.
c)   Close the Prodoc Pint Queue Manager and Prodoc Server applications on the server. If you use the Prodoc Service, please stop the service now.
d)   Make a backup of the Prodoc SQL Database - Very Important
e)   Make a backup of the Update Folder in the Prodoc Logo Location - Very Important 

Requirements for a successful update

a)   You must have Database Owner permissions to the Prodoc SQL database. (All Prodoc users will already be Database Owners (DBO).

b)   You must have full permissions to the Prodoc Logo Location folder.

c)   Prodoc Server (Logged on as user that runs Prodoc Server applications)

a.    Local Administrator rights.

b.    Access to the internet.(

c.    Ability to download and save zip and exe files from the Internet. (No Firewall or Proxy restrictions. E.G. Webmarshall)

d. Have Adobe Reader Version 8 or higher installed.

 d)   Clients (Logged on as Prodoc User)

a.    Local Administrator Rights.

e)   Citrix/Terminal Server (Log on as Domain Admin)

a.    Local Administrator Rights.

b.    You do not need to put the server in install mode for the update and it will not affect any other application.

f)    It is imperative that no one opens Prodoc during the Prodoc Server Update Process as this might cause irreparable Database damage.


The update process

a)   Ensure preparation and requirements have been done BEFORE doing the update!

b)   There are 2 ways to update the Prodoc Server, the Automatic (Preferred way) and the Manual way. The Manual Update should only be performed on advice from Prodoc Support.

Automatic Server Update
This will download the files, update the database and update the application files on the server.
a)   Open Prodoc Administration.
b)   Click Tools > Update Prodoc.
c)   Click on Yes.
a)   Click on Yes.
b)   Wait until the Database update is complete. (Do not start any other Prodoc applications!)
c)   Click on OK.
d)   Open Prodoc as per normal.
e)   Another Update will start (Application Update).
f)    Wait for the Application Update to complete.

Manual Server Update
a)   Download the following 2 files:
b)   After you have downloaded the files, please ensure that you click on “Unblock” in the Property Page for each of them.
c)   Copy both files to the Update Folder in the Prodoc Logo Location.
d)   Open C:\Program Files\Prodoc\ProdocIIUpdate.exe.
e)   Click on Yes.
f)    Wait until the Database update is complete. (Do not start any other Prodoc applications!)
g)   Click on OK.
h)   Open Prodoc as per normal.
i)     Another Update will start (Application Update).
j)    Wait for the Application Update to complete.
k)   Prodoc will open up after the Application Update.
l)     Close Prodoc and open Prodoc Print Queue Manager and Prodoc Server or start the Prodoc Service.

a)   Wait until the Prodoc Server Update is complete
b)   Open Prodoc on the Client. The client update will begin
c)   Wait for the Application Update to complete

Prodoc Client Update on Citrix /Terminal Server

a)   Do this on every server in the farm.
b)   Wait until the Prodoc Server Update is complete.
c)   Log on as Domain Admin.
d)   Open Prodoc on the Citrix/Terminal Server.
e)   You can open Prodoc on all your Citrix/Terminal servers at the same time.
f)   Wait for the Application Update to complete.
g)    After the update, Prodoc will open up.
h)   You can now close Prodoc and get the users to log in and start using Prodoc.

What if something goes wrong?
Diagnose the problem from here or contact Prodoc Support immediately before clicking any buttons!!
Update Errors
You are getting errors during the downloading of the Update files when using the Automatic Server Update process.
Please, browse to the Update Folder in the Prodoc Logo Location.
Check the file size for prodociiupdate.exe and prodocupdate.exe
If the file size is 0KB then it means a Firewall, Proxy or some other restriction is blocking the automatic download of the prodociiupdate.exe and prodocupdate.exe files from to the Update Folder in the Prodoc Logo Location.
Remove restriction or do the Prodoc Update manually.
Database Update Errors (Very Serious)
If an error appears during the database update, please screenshot the error and forward to Prodoc Support before continuing. This is critical and could cause data loss and table damage should you continue!
An example of a Database Error:
Should you receive a similar message – do NOT click on OK until you have contacted Prodoc Support!

Application Update Errors
These can occur because of 3 reasons
1)   Prodoc is trying to update a “Protected Windows” file. These are safe to ignore after sending a screenshot to Prodoc and does not require any further action.
2)   The user has Prodoc open and the Prodoc Update is trying to replace a file that is in use.
3)   The user does not have Local Administrator rights and Prodoc cannot Replace / Register files in C:\Program Files\Common Files and C:\Program Files\Prodoc and write to the HKEY CURRENT USER Registry Key.
After you have received an application error, the version on the client will be different to the version in the Update Folder in the Prodoc Logo Location.
To remedy this:
Close Prodoc and ensure the following processes are not running:
1)   PDOperations.exe
2)   PDAdmin.exe
3)   Dequeue.exe
4)   ProdocServer.exe
 Log on with Administrator Rights
Do the following from the Prodoc Server
To force a client to do a FULL Application Update: Prodoc Admin > Tools > Force Program Update.
Select PC from List and click OK.
If you are unable to get Prodoc to run on any machine then contact Prodoc Support on (09) 836-4200.