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Customs & ECN Help Desks

The Electronic Commerce Network (ECN) provides messaging brokering services (EDI) to New Zealand Customs.
If you experience difficulty or excessive delay receiving a response or submitting an EDI message, a free service using a 0800 number is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
If you are concerned that your EDI transaction may have been held up in the system, a technician will be able to trace your individual message and determine if further assistance is required. The technician will advise you if the message needs to be re-sent, or what other action needs to be taken.
When you call this 0800 number you will first hear a recorded message that gives a status report of the ECN network. This message will also advise you if the EDI service is currently experiencing any delays.
The ECN number to call if you have a query relating to your EDI processing is 0800 692 878 or email EC Network
Make sure you include the broker code and the job numbers you are querying in your email message
Queries relating to non EDI customs services should still be directed to the Customs National Call Centre – 0800 4 CUSTOMS
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Customs EDI Status

To install EDI, you need to have a either a MAPI compliant email system (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Novell GroupWise, etc) or a POP/SMTP sever set up on the machine that you want to use for the EDI server, and this email system must be set up to dial the internet, or use a server to connect to the internet. You must also have an email account with an Internet Service Provider. We suggest that if you have the EDI server on a stand-alone PC, then set up the address as prodoc@customer_name.co.nz so that the email messages get to the right place without intervention.
The EDI system will monitor the inbox of that email address, look for EDI responses & process them, automatically printing out Customs Delivery Orders (or rejections) and then removing the email messages from the queue.
Please contact us on our support address as below to request the new version to be installed.
The costs are 40c per send & 40c per receipt (correct as at 1 Jan 2009), regardless of the result of the result of the transmission. This will be charged directly to you by ECN.
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MAF EDI Status

MAF use EDI for submitting many types of health certificate information. Prodoc allows you to enter and send the information to MAF, via an ftp message directly to the MAF website.
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