Answering the real questions

The two most important questions you can ask about Prodoc are

-          Is it as good as it sounds?
-          Will it make a difference in my business?

Of course we’re biased, but to put it simply, we believe we’re the best option for export documentation because experience has shown this to be true. By working alongside a multitude of NZ and off-shore exporters we know the options in the market place and can point out just how Prodoc outperforms them all.

Through reliably servicing the export industry for over 20 years we have earned a great name for delivering quality, economic export documentation solutions that provide ROI.

But we suggest you talk to our customers to get a truly unbiased account of the Prodoc offering.

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Ballande NZ  

"Prodoc has transformed the way that we produce our export documentation. It is so user friendly and easy to use that we have minimal training issues with new staff, and its ability to produce documents quickly and easily makes the sometimes monotonous job easy."

Kerry Tate

ENZA Fruit Marketing

"Prodoc makes the impossible possible. The way that the Prodoc team have customised it to work with our SAP installation made last season the best ever. Document production was easy and we coped with less staff than ever before. Any exporter would get great benefits from putting Prodoc in."

Yvette Morrison


"Prodoc has been a trusted and vital component of our Information System for nearly a decade. As a manager of IT/IS systems, and especially relevant for NZ‐based manufacturers of processed primary produce, where overhead cost‐structures are an imperative, it gladdens my heart to find an application whose reliability and support, intuitiveness, longevity, and cost‐effectiveness, matches my (high) expectations, which Prodoc does, and has done in my experience, for nigh‐on 20 years."

Ian Purdon

Harvest Fresh

"With Prodoc, data only needs to be keyed in once to create a variety of documents. Plus the ability to send data electronically is a great time saver."

Colleen Wilson


"The ability that Prodoc has to preview the documents, then change any of that data gives us the best of both worlds. We can get standard documents out quickly, but still have total flexibility to change any document to meet our customers’ requirements."

Donna Henry

Lowe Corporation

"Prodoc is very good at handling Letters of Credit. The way it can download the L/C information directly from the bank to save us re‐typing it saves us both a lot of time and in many cases money, as we do not get many L/C discrepancies now. This feature alone is a great reason to have Prodoc."

Colleen Teesdale

Rayonier NZ

"Prodoc has significantly added to the efficiency of our business."

Rob Crooks

Silver Fern Farms

"Prodoc is really the data centre for our Export department. It not only produces all of our documents and EDI’s but the openness of its data allows us to get information for management reporting very easily. We are now able to get valuable reports that were previously unobtainable. We enjoy the close working relationship that we have with the Prodoc team and find that they are always willing to modify Prodoc to extend the functionality to meet our ever changing requirements."

Glenn Lemon


"Prodoc has made our jobs far less stressful. Before Prodoc we were working into the evenings most of the time, we were working many weekends and we were not getting ahead. Now we work a normal working day and can keep ahead of the vessels, and we are also processing 20% more shipments with the same staff levels."

Linda Saxby


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